About us


Santron Electronics Pvt Ltd  is engaged in the manufacture of resistors under its well established brand name Supercom. Santron manufactures various resistors such as- Carbon film Resistors in E6, E12, and E  24 Series, Metal Film Resistors of 50 PPM and Metal Oxide Film Resistors, since the year 1991 .

Santron Electronics Pvt Ltd. has established its own modern lab to be able to produce high quality products. It has an instant testing provision whereby every unit of Resistors is tested on as In Line testing system Temperature coefficient, Short Time overload and Load Life. The quality management is maintained by a dedicated staff and is supervised by the Managing Director- Paramjit Singh Kochar (DME).

Product Quality Management at Santron Electronics Pvt. Ltd is aimed at harnessing all manufacturing and allied functions to work as a team towards a common goal by following the adage” Do it once and Do it right ” The entire workforce is trained to perform their designated tasks to perfection thus attaining the company’s goal of providing the utmost of Quality of product, service and delivery ensuring customer satisfaction.

HISTORY -Santron Electronics is an off shoot of Supercom India Limited which was  a joint Venture Company established in Technical & Financial collaboration with M/s Supertron Electric company LTD. Taiwan. The Company incorporated on 6th of October, 1987, started its commercial production on 1st of January, 1989. It was a subsidiary company of M/s Supertron Electric Company LTD. Taiwan and was a 100% Export oriented Unit.The first export was made in April, 1989 and it exported 300 million pieces of Resistors during the first year. Eventually, Supercom moved into the domestic market as Santron Electronics but turned Supercom into a  brand name to be reckoned with in the domestic sector.